Pati & Felipe


The story of the couple

I do not know if everyone knows the story of this couple, but it seems that God had drawn the right time in their lives they could meet in this life.

Patricia knew Felipe's parents as a child because his parents were good friends of Aunt Ceiça, who is sister of Aunt Grace (Pati's mother) and, therefore, the relationship of Pati with the future in-laws, was already established. So, they have enjoyed each other long! Pati thought her in-laws were a lovely and tender couple! And the future in-laws have also liked the future daughter in law. Pati's parents already too liked Mr. Balduíno and Ms. Stella, but barely knew that one day would be their youngest in-laws.

There! Halfway done! The families were already acquainted, the only missing was the two lovebirds to meet ...

The surprise is they met completely out of the family environment.

They met on Christmas Serenade of UnB, where Patricia was singing for 10 years and Felipe was debuting.

When Patricia saw that cute guy, she started to crush him from afar. He also flirted from afar, but the first kiss only happened on the last presentation of the coral (December 12, 2006), in the last block of the night, (North, 102), the last song the group sings on the week before the Christmas (Silent Night).


The night was really very happy for the lovebirds. They haven't let go of each other no more ever since, starting dating shortly thereafter.

the proposal

Who does not know this beautiful story?!

Even those who do not know the couple have remarked this proposal! A proposal that every woman of this world dreams! 

Felipe fulfilled a dream of this girl who did not know what to do when facing the proposal!

Eiffel Tower, Paris, 24 October 2009. One day after their anniversary (the couple just completed 2 years and 10 months of dating), Felipe performs a great surprise for his, thus far girlfriend, Patricia. She always considered him a romantic boyfriend, but froze before the most romantic act he ever addressed to her: to propose to her in front of the most beautiful tower in the world!

Patricia, facing the man of her dreams offering her a wonderful and meaningful ring and asking her to marry him?! She could have screamed, cried, jumped, but she only froze! She was so overcome with emotion that she did not know what to say, did not know what to do. It was one of the happiest days of her life! But she came to her senses a few hours later!

That charming prince of her dreams had even taken care to order a custom made engagement ring designed to her taste. Since they started dating, Miss Patricia, warned him she wouldn't wear gold at all, that's why she would fancy a ring made of coconut, at most a white gold or silver one.

So that wonderful boyfriend, who from that day became her fiancé, ordered from the state of Pará a ring made of a type of coconut, called babassu, and white gold. 

Awesome, isn't it?


Long live the happy couple! May God bless them!  






Godmothers & Godfathers

godfathers and godmothers

demosailles - bridesmaids friends


07/7 Grooms Shower

What's this?

Formerly it was traditional to have a bridal shower, where only women could participate. A time to play with the bride, give her household gifts a housewife routine requires.

Nowadays, it is more common the couple offer a shower where friends and family can participate, regardless of gender. The rest of the event remains the same.

Who is allowed to attend? 

Wedding guests, both men and women.

LOCATION: SHIS QI 29 CONJ. 16 CASA 25, Lago Sul 

TIME: 7 o'clock in the afternoon

14/7 Bridal shower 

What's this?

Meeting with the closest friends to share moments of women gathered to celebrate the new stage of the girlfriend who cease to be a Miss to become a Mrs.

Who is allowed to attend? 

Only the closest girlfriends of the bride.

LOCATION: the bride will inform her friends

TIME: the bride will inform her friends

13/7 Bachelor / Bachelorette Party

DATE: July 13, 14 and 15, 2012

The groom will inform his friends and the bride her friends  

21/7 Church wedding and mass

DATE: July 21, 2012 (the 3rd Saturday of July)

TIME: 5 o'clock in the afternoon

LOCATION: Little Chapel Our Lady of Fatima, 307/8 South

28/7 Wedding Party

DATA: July 07, 2012 (4th and last Saturday of July)

TIME: : 5 o'clock in the afternoon

LOCATION: SMPW Quadra 15 set 6 lot 6 - PARK WAY

Gift list







SANTA OUSADIA - Fashion Mall - 302 Sul





Confirmation of Attendance

for the wedding